New Approach for IT Professionals to get Hired

Longtime recruiter Emily Welfeld recently went in search of a software developer for her company.

She found one, in San Diego, who checked all the boxes. The only problem: He’d received seven job offers—in one week.

Historically, she would have required any candidate to fly to corporate headquarters and submit to rounds of interviews. If the candidate didn’t effectively convey his intelligence and enthusiasm in the heat of the moment, he may not have gotten the job, she said.

But in today’s market, competition for top tech talent is tight. Nearly 60 percent of companies that participated in a recent Accenture survey said the biggest challenge facing their IT organizations is finding workers with the right skills.

So a candidate in a high-demand industry like that developer in San Diego doesn’t have to fight for a job; the job has to fight for him. That is driving a profound shift in recruitment strategy, said Welfeld, a senior manager in the StaffSourcing Division of Oasis Outsourcing, a professional employer organization


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