Business Leadership Principles From the U.S. Marines: JJDIDTIEBUCKLE

entrepreneur.comJJDIDTIEBUCKLE. No I didn’t just type a bunch of random letters on my keyboard. It’s the 14 leadership principles followed by the United States Marines.

One of those 14 principles is unselfishness. To become a great leader it is perhaps the single most important principle you must learn. This is true in the Marine Corps and it is true in small-business life. Leading a team within a small business is one of the hardest tasks the average professional can face.

This is all to say, becoming a well-regarded leader in a small business is tough. Not as tough as leading Marines in a war zone, but tough nonetheless.

Here, I’ll explain how business people, and small-business owners in particular, can harness the leadership superpower of unselfishness to successfully become a greater leader.

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One of the hardest and most important aspects of managing a team, especially as a business leader who must heavily rely on small teams to achieve big goals, is sharing candid feedback.

Managers who shy away from sharing feedback because they fear confrontation are doing themselves and their team a serious disservice. It’s selfish.

At the same time, sharing feedback is only valuable if the person on the other end uses your feedback to improve themselves professionally. The best way to make the conversation friendly while also ensuring your employee is receptive is by earning trust.


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