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Cabarrus County Opioid Overdoses

CONCORD, N.C. – Cabarrus County first responders say opioid misuse overdoses have become so prevalent, the county is using IT experts to map where the problem is taking the biggest toll.

A county GIS map has an opioid use overlay that shows hotspots where first responders have used Naloxone to revive someone.

Experts say, overdose often happens in public.

“Folks do tend to use the substance where they purchase it, and there’s also part of substance use where the individual wants, they want to be found so, in a public place,” said Justin Brines, assistant director for Cabarrus County EMS. “If they do use too much of the substance and overdose, they know that there’s a better chance that somebody would recognize that and call them. They typically don’t want to die from using the substance, they’re within the addiction.”

He says the county began using the maps in August 2017, when they saw 90 overdoses in one month at their peak.

He says if you see someone non-responsive, always call 911 just in case.


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