Charlotte’s Olde Mecklenburg Brewery adopts ‘revolutionary’ PET Bottles

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is rolling out a new packaging option for its beer.

The Charlotte brewery says it is adding plastic bottles, better known as PET bottles — though glass will still remain its primary packaging option.

The new bottle type will allow OMB to sell to venues where glass breakage would be an issue, such as stadiums, concert venues, beaches and pools.

OMB founder John Marrino describes the packaging as ‘revolutionary’ in the Charlotte market.

“We have been searching for years to find a suitable alternative package that maintains our purity pledge while simultaneously servicing those venues that cannot accommodate glass,” he says.

The brewery has avoided canning in the past, because of the BPA-coating inside beer cans. That prevents beer from reacting with aluminum — but it releases a trace amount into the beer.

“We simply don’t want to use a package that we know will introduce a contaminant into the beer. It’s a matter of principle,” Marrino says.

PET Bottles are common in Europe and utilize an inert plastic, which is BPA free.

OMB will use an amber PET bottle, making it nearly identical to its glass counterpart. That will protect beer from exposure to light and maintain freshness, while providing a option that stays colder longer than cans.

The brewery is purchasing those bottles from Michigan-based Plastipak. It is that company’s first craft beer customer.


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