Fortnite Friday: Battle pass week 10, rocket launch and aftermath

Fortnite Friday is a weekly column covering everything happening around the popular 100-person multiplayer showdown game, Fortnite: Battle Royale. We’re down to the final week of battle pass season 4 and hopefully you have most of your challenges cleaned up.

If not, you’ll be joining myself and probably a few others in a scramble to get everything tidied up before the July 12th season 5 kick-off. Have no fear, there is plenty of time left (kind of).

If you have been away from Fortnite for a week you’ve missed some pretty exciting stuff. If not, you can theorize with me on what the heck is going on. But first, let’s dive into the final group of battle pass challenges.

Deal damage to opponents structures (0/5000)

At 5000, this sounds daunting but it really is not. Take out as many walls, towers, random builds you find as you play and you’ll get this done in no time. If you’re reading this on the final day, use explosives, mini guns and/or LMGs.

Search chests in Junk Junction (0/7)

The chests in Junk Junction are not hard to find, but it will be busy in the area for most of the week. If you have to, pick one chest and race to it each match until you get your seven total.

Search a chest, ammo box and a supply drop in the same match (0/3)

This challenge is a little tricky unless you complete it in 50 v. 50 mode. There are far more supply drops in the 50 v. 50 LTM so if you find yourself having issues completing this one, switch over for a game or two.

Skydive through floating rings (0/20)

The super fun skydiving challenge from season 3 is back again! While this might mess with your drop-ins, it’s relatively simple to complete. Grab a couple rings each match and you’ll be done before you know it.

Search between movie titles (HARD) (0/1)

Epic Games tried to pull a fast one on us with the way this challenge is set up. If you look closely at the movie titles on the sign at Risky Reels, you’ll see the clue. The sign lists the three movie titles that give you the clue’s location. Or you can watch this heartless little kid who collects the star then eliminates anyone else who tries. Savage.

Eliminate opponents (HARD) (0/10)

Self explanatory. If you have a hard time eliminating others, you can also do this in the 50 v 50 LTM, where more players are forced into the action.

Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields (HARD) (0/3)

This week’s elimination area is the better of the almost identical farmer’s fields. Fatal Fields is a fun area to grab a weapon and open fire on whoever is running between the smaller loot cabins. Get here early in the week if you want the best chance of taking out three opponents ASAP.

50 v. 50 LTM – The 50 v. 50 LTM seems to be Epic Games’ go-to when they are having issues with other modes. It is a lot of fun to play, especially if you have challenges to clean up. 50 v. 50 will likely be around until at least the end of the season to help gamers get their battle pass completed.

Playground LTM – The ultimate Fortnite practice facility/messing around for fun LTM. In playground mode, you and three buddies can build, practice, shoot (and respawn), invent games or just generally have fun, like these players did when they created a Mario Kart track at Tilted Towers.

You guys amaze me! – – Cred: JoshB_C

A post shared by Follow if you play Fortnite (@fortniteplug) on Jul 4, 2018 at 12:52am PDT

The rocket launched! – If you missed the in-game event, the giant rocket at the “villain’s lair” near Snobby Shores has launched. Here is a pretty good view of the launch:

This is ABSOLUTELY incredible. The WORLD EVENT ROCKET LAUNCH was perfect from Epic games. Fortnite just keeps getting better and better… I honestly thought they could not top the hype from season 3 but… here we are.

A post shared by Tyler Blevins (@ninja) on Jun 30, 2018 at 10:46am PDT

Another popular theory is that the giant crack is actually a hole in “time,” allowing a range of new history-themed skins for season 5. The time travel theory would also allow Epic to change-up parts of the map to either futuristic or historic versions of what they currently are, which could be very fun.

Regardless of what happens next, events like the rocket launch and the build up associated with it is the reason Fortnite‘s popularity continues to grow. Bravo Epic.

Drum Gun – The drum gun is billed as a weapon somewhere in-between an assault rifle and suppressed machine gun. It’s available in either uncommon or rare (green or blue) varieties and deals 26/27 hp damage respectively. It’s not a terrible weapon, but after being eliminated three times while holding it, I’ve personally deemed it trash and will never use it again.

This week’s EOTW comes courtesy of @TTfue who worked really hard for this creative victory royale. Watching this makes me realize I’ve yet to use the bounce pads properly.

A post shared by Barstool Gametime (@barstoolgametime) on Jun 27, 2018 at 7:04am PDT

If you come across anything we might have missed or have any ideas on what should be included in these posts in the future, hit me on Twitter @TheRealBruin. Until next week!

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