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About Cindi Basenspiler

Cindi Basenspiler – Chief Coach
From humble beginnings as a Russian immigrant, to becoming a helicopter pilot in the Army, to living the “American Dream” as Fortune 100 executive, to making the tough decision to leave the perks behind and start my own business. I know how difficult these pivots can be, especially when others don’t understand why. I coach from experience to help you articulate your values, natural talents and derailers – and then to plan, create and live the best life possible. My focus areas are individual and team performance and transition coaching. What does life look like when you are intentional?

Team Building Workshop Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coaching Managers Training
What’s Coaching?
Whether you are single or married, have a family or want one. Whether you are an executive or on the rise … or have chosen to stay out of the rat-race altogether, you likely have goals for yourself and/or your team. But, sometimes you reach a point when you can’t accomplish these goals by yourself, or to the extent you know that you can. That’s where coaching comes in. Coaching isn’t therapy, counseling or venting. Coaching is designed to explore your goals, to commit to realistic activities (or mindsets) that will lead to desired outcomes … and then to hold you accountable towards steady and sustainable progress.

Your life, better than ever.

Team Building Workshop Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coaching Managers Training
Why work with Cindi?
Each of us has something spectacular to offer our family, employer, community and society. It takes hard work and commitment, but through the right discussions, tools and accountability – you can become more self-aware, recognize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

In addition to being a coach, I’ve led teams for 20+ years. I am an Army veteran, a business owner, a speaker, an author, a wife and mother. There are many different coaching styles and methods. We can decide if I am the right coach for you during our first meeting. If you are committed to leading the best life possible, let’s do this.

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