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Failure Free Reading Home Version

The Failure Free Reading Program is a nationally recognized reading intervention approach that will help your child achieve success in reading by increasing their vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and confidence!

Based on decades of research by Dr. Joseph Lockavitch, Failure Free Reading Home Edition (FFR Home) is available for the home, or on the go. Put the Failure Free Reading Home Edition to work for your child and family today.

Who we help

K-12 (readers of all ages at any level)
Non-readers (chronic struggling readers)
Autistic Learners
Mild to moderate mentally impaired Learners
Deaf/Hearing Impaired Learners (directions available in ASL)
ELL/ESL – Spanish Speaking Learners (directions in Spanish)
Down Syndrome Learners
Special Needs Learners
Dyslexic Learners
Learning Disabled
Phonetically Deaf Learners
Home School and After School
Summer School
Teenagers and Older Learners
SAT/ACT Prep (accelerate important vocabulary)


Failure Free Reading is perfect for any reader who wants to accelerate their vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, self-esteem, and overall reading abilities!
Trusted by Educators and Parents for over 30 years
Failure Free Reading can help your child, no matter the circumstance, to unlock their full reading potential using our proven research-based methodology.


What is Failure Free Reading?
Failure Free Reading is a highly structured, alternative, non-phonics first, language development program specifically designed to accelerate the vocabulary and reading comprehension of chronic non-responders.

Researchers have found that the English language is highly redundant. There is a core body of 2000 of the most frequently used words in the English language. When these 2000 words are mastered, your child will be able to recognize 90% of all the words they will see in text in grades one through nine.


Failure Free Reading isn’t a traditional program so we don’t get traditional results
Our non-phonics based reading program has been proven effective and trusted, endorsed and recommended by major public school systems across the country, delivering over 2 million hours of training to readers and non-readers at all levels and with nearly any type of special needs.

If your child is just starting to learn to read or has they been struggling for quite some time, Failure Free Reading Home Edition’s research-based methodology removes the road blocks and unlocks your child’s overall reading abilities.

This unique online reading program diagnoses the child’s current reading level, then places them in the appropriate entry point in the program enabling them to instantly accelerate their vocabulary, comprehension, self-confidence and overall reading ability.

Once the pre-test is complete and the student placed at their reading level, they are introduced to essential vocabulary and phrases that they will be learning. (FFR’s core vocabulary is built from the most commonly used words in the Academic English Language that are essential for reading success. With no uncommon names, dates, places, or phrases the student can completely understand and relate to the material, without no prior reading ability).

Through a series of researched based scaffolding teaching techniques, the student will be able to experience what it feels like to read successfully… instantly motivating them to continue forward with increased confidence.


Why Failure Free Reading?

All Levels – K-Adult (SAT-Prep)
Age Appropriate content
30 minute online lessons
Can fit into any schedule
Works across smart devices and computers
Parents can easily measure child’s growth
Research based
Trusted by educators for over 30 years
No prior reading ability necessary
Works with all children and adults regardless classifications
Instructions in Spanish for ELL/ESL
Instructions in ASL for Hearing Impaired
Works for Special Needs Learners
Mild Autism
Emotionally Handicapped
Mild Mentally Handicapped
Learning Disabled
Speech Impaired
Hearing Impaired
Remediation “Resisters”
Alternative Education

Works to Teach Life Skills

Life Skills is a special edition of Failure Free Reading designed with age and developmentally appropriate content for secondary and adult students who are severely delayed in reading and /or cognitively challenged. It is the only program that combines a complete language literacy and life skill curriculum with beginning reading instruction! Life Skills is highly structured and instructor friendly. Now even the hardest-to-reach learners can develop effective communication skills, work habits, job interview skills, and self-confidence – all while learning to read!

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