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Sonny’s BBQ

About Us
Slow smokin’ in a fast-paced world.

’68 State of mind
Here, 1968 isn’t just a year. It’s the principles we were founded on and still live by today. It’s being passionate about BBQ and respecting time-honored traditions. It’s constantly perfecting our craft and bringing that expertise to the table with every meal. It’s putting others first and making sure when people come here, they feel right at home.

Local Pitmasters. Always have been. Always will be.
We started as a local BBQ joint in 1968. Today, we’re still a local BBQ joint. We’re just in a few more locations.

But we still do things the same as we did back then. From smokin’ over oak to servin’ plate-coverin’ portions, some things will never change. And that’s just how we like it.

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7820 Lyles Ln NW, Concord, NC 28027
Phone 2
Cabarrus County
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