Local Businesses Trained for active shooter situations

wcnc.comCHARLOTTE, N.C. — Whether it is at a school, a church or a workplace, no place is off limits for terrible acts of violence.

“This is some scary dangerous stuff,” CMPD Officer Chris Kopp said.

Officers now regularly teach everyday people survival techniques taught to law enforcement and members of our military.

Because wherever it happens, it can happen fast.

Homeland Security Department statistics show half of the active shooter events last five minutes or less.

CMPD’S average response time is six minutes. Swat is 50 minutes.

“Law enforcement, we’re not going to be there during those first initial, crucial minutes when a lot of those lives are being lost,” Kopp warned.

Officers teach employees to remember their ABC’s: Avoid, Barricade, Counter.

Pay attention to emergency exits and have an escape plan in place.

Barricading can save lives. The items you need are often right around you: extension cords, shoelaces, belts and large pieces of furniture.

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