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Spring Break? What Makes a Great Stay-cation!

covenantclassical.orgBelieve it or not, what your kids really want is quality time with you!  If you need to take less time off to be all in, then do it! If you must check in try to do it at the beginning of the day before your family fun begins!

Even in the smallest town there is an adventure to be had!  The best memories are made when you try something new together.  Include your kids in the process and enjoy new experiences together.

Make sure to leave some space in your stay-cation plan to just hangout together.  Be intentional to create a space for rest and conversation.

Remember even though you are at home, you are on vacation.  You want to cultivate a time of excitement and create memories for your family.  This is not the time for Spring cleaning. RELAX and enjoy your family!

DO- Talk about expectations.
DON’T- Constantly check in with the office or work from home.
DO- Plan something you have never done before.
DON’T- Plan every moment.
DO- Eat out.
DON’T- Do chores!
DO- Get outside.
DON’T- Discount the little things.

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