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Restaurant has a ‘love’ button on their cash register

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A Huntersville man was surprised when he walked into a Cava restaurant in Huntersville to order his food and later found out more than half of his order had been removed from his receipt.

A friend took a photo of the man’s receipt and posted to a public North Carolina Facebook page.

“My bill came (I was buying lunch for a friend) and it was only 6 bucks. I pointed out the error,” the man wrote on Facebook.

To his surprise, the restaurant did not make an error. In fact, this is something they do at least twice a day.

“We have this button on our cash register called the ‘love button,’ David Garcia, manager of the Huntersville Cava, told NBC Charlotte.

Garcia said they’ll use the button to make someone’s day or to reward someone for doing something nice for someone else.

“Sometime’s we’ll use the button if we notice someone’s having a bad day, or if they forgot their wallet,” Garcia said. “Or if we see a customer who’s always in our store.”

Garcia said the button is to spread some love in the store and to be different from a normal ‘fast food’ establishment.

“We try to use the button at least twice a day,” Garcia said.


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