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Social Network ‘Created For Kids, By Kids,’ Protects Millions Online

forbes.comGromSocial, the new destination for safe, secure, networking for young surfers.

When he was eleven years old, he was kicked off Facebook by his father, twice. Having nowhere else to go, as there weren’t many social media sites for children, Zach Marks set out on what seemed like an impossible mission: to create a social network for kids, by kids.

Six years later, with the help of his family, the 17 year-old entrepreneur has turned GromSocial into the new children’s media destination for the 21st century. I had the opportunity to sit down with Zach and GromSocial’s Chairman and CEO, Darren. But to Zach, Darren has another name–Dad.

Zach Marks, Entrepreneur and CEO of GromSocial

Social Media Has Gone From Intimate Connections To Potentially Dangerous Ones

For those kids like Zach who were banned from existing social media platforms, there wasn’t a site out there that was specifically made for kids of that demographic.

Zach Marks: When I was eleven years old, my dad and I got into a heated argument over my being on Facebook. He ended up kicking me off on two different occasions. The problem was that there wasn’t another site to go to. At the time, I had built over 700+ friends, which now looking back at it, most of them were adults, whom I had never met. It was a huge red flag, which I wasn’t able to appreciate at that point. So, to find a way to get back on, I told my Dad that I would create my own Facebook for kids, which he took as a passing gesture.

It turned into a family project  I’m one of six kids in the family—my brothers: Luke (18), Jack (13), and Dawson (9); my sisters, Caroline (15) and Victoria (6). So, naturally, I went to them. We came up with the name “Grom,” which derives from the Australian term, typically referring to “young surfers.” We then started to draw website content and the characters. I ended up getting permission from my Mom and contacted a web developer, who was a family friend, and still with the company today. He brought the idea to life.

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