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‘Supermom’ of 16 kids, Shuttles Them to 88 Sports Practices Weekly

foxnews.com“I fully understand we have chosen to do life differently than most, but it works for us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”  (SWNS)

Meet the supermom with 16 children who still squeezes in time for herself – thanks to a strict chores schedule which sees her kids do the cooking and laundry.

Charity founder Lyette Reback, 44, has 10 daughters and six sons between the ages of two and 22 with her husband of 24 years, estate agent David Reback, 49. She gave birth to her first baby Daly Kay at 21 and has since had 12 more biological children, including latest addition Vaughn, two, as well as adopting four others.

They are girls Ryli, 20, Bliss, 19, Kemper, 17, Glory, 15, Trinity, 13, Liberty, 11, Sojourner, eight, Victory, six and Verity, four, and boys Courson, 12, Judson, 10, Shepherd, 10, Ransom, eight and Stone, five.

Lyette and David Reback are the proud parents of 16 children, twelve that Lyette had biologically and four that the couple adopted.  (SWNS)

It means Lyette has spent ten years of her life pregnant, gaining and shedding 600lbs in baby weight and going through labor – without a single C-section – a dozen times.

Amazingly Lyette, a communications graduate who studied at a top all-girls school, even home-schools her brood and ferries them to 88 different sports practices a week. And the supermom, who has written a book about parenting, still finds time to work out and go for dinner with friends thanks to a strict chores schedule.

“They’re human beings, not robots, and it isn’t always perfect or pretty but that fact is the same whether you have two kids or 20.”  (SWNS)


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