When you find yourself with seven kids under 7 years old

Esme Moala and triplets Emmanuel, Israel and Eliana.

Esme Moala insists she’s “not too worried” about what lies ahead when she gets her triplets home.

“I am excited. We are just cruising, we are pretty chilled out,” she says from her hospital bed.

On April 3, she had Israel, Emmanuel and Eliana.

The Moala family, Esme and Sam, with Christan, 6, twin girls Eden and Isla 4, and Zion 2. The family has been joined by triplets Emmanuel, Israel and Eliana.

Waiting for the foursome to get home are dad Sam, Christian, 6, twin girls Eden and Isla, 4, and Zion, 2.

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That’s right, the Moalas will have seven children under 7 years – all in their three-bedroom house.

The triplets arrived via a booked in C-section at MIddlemore Hospital at 34 weeks. They weighed 2.6kg, 2.9kg and little Eliana was 1.9kg.

“They said they are not going to kick us out until Eliana’s ready to come home. So hubby’s at home with the four kids and I’m here with them,” Esme, 27, says.

She’s not so worried about looking after so many little kids, “it’s more the logistics”.


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